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Personalizing Portraits

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"Get in and get out"


Now that Christmas giving has come and gone, it is time to unveil the watercolor portraits that I have been working on this month, kept in secret until Christmas day.  Backgrounds are always something that people ponder over - thinking that they have to paint what is in the photograph, or fill in an uninventive mottled set of colors that is supposed to support the painting.  This year I decided to put more thought into the content of the background as something that would enhance the meaning of the painting. 

In "Daddy's Boy", the little boy is proudly and comfortable sitting on his father's shoulders, unaware of the troubles of this world, and confident that he is in good hands.  The daddy is a strong man who loves God, his family and his country, being a Marine in the past.  How better to describe this set of emotions and values than to "float" a flag in the background as a symbol of all American Dads and their sons.  Thank you, Russell and Bill, for being a hope to all of us.

In "Birthday Girl" the background of the photo was a fireplace with lots of miscellaneous toys and birthday wrappings - lots of things to compete with Caley and her 4-year-old wonder of birthdays.  What better way to surround her than with birthday balloons, setting off her birthday smile with memories of other children's parties and balloons.  May you enjoy your birthdays, Caley.

How are you doing with backgrounds?  Are they saying what you want them to say in a manner that is enhancing the painting and the message?  Let me know so that we can grow together!

Happy New Year!


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